Hello. I’m Claire. I’m in my mid thirties.

In a past life, I was an angsty emo-blogger and a spoilt, entitled brat. I used to blog at minishorts.net (which is now defunct, because I deleted everything). The only things I used to love about that life were my two boobs and the stories of how I met my husband.

Today, I have added the following ‘been there, done that’ ticks to my list of amazing things I’ve experienced in this lifetime:

  1. I got married to an occasionally horrible but mostly wonderful man called Eric. This happened in 2008.
  2. I gave birth to my first son, Paul, in 2010 and exclusively breastfed the bub for one entire year. The kid, like his father, is occasionally horrible, but mostly wonderful, and he looks exactly like me.
  3. I quit the workforce in 2012 because we had to move to the boondocks and my helper decided she didn’t want to stay with us anymore. I became a stay-at-home-mom and took on occasional freelance translation projects and PR assignments.
  4. I gave birth to my second son, Mark, in 2012 and exclusively breastfed this bub for seven months. Like his brother and father, this kid is, occasionally horrible, but mostly wonderful, and he looks exactly like his father.
  5. I got diagnosed with cancer in 2013 (12 August, precisely). My diagnosis was initially Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Stage 3c (infiltrated to the area right below the collarbone), which meant some of the cancer had spread to inoperable zones.
  6. I went through the whole ten thousand miles of cancer treatment: 16 rounds of chemotherapy, mastectomy (so yes, I only have one breast now) and 15 rounds of radiotherapy. I completed full treatment in March 2014 and then got rediagnosed as having had hormone positive breast cancer. I am now on hormone therapy to help prevent recurrence.
  7. I went back to work full time in April 2014, and found myself in the comforting enclaves of the stressful public relations industry again.
  8. In 2015, I moved into a specialist capacity in my team, and so here I am today, a full-time digital strategist for a government agency that deals with talent issues for my country.

The year is 2016 as I write this. I’m 36 now and quite eager to see what lies ahead. I’m quite confident I’ll brave through the challenges, as I always have.